ARBOREALITY Giveaway, Sept 6-12

We’re giving away two print copies of Rebecca Campbell’s forthcoming novella Arboreality to two winners in Canada and/or the United States. Don’t miss a chance to read this stunning mosaic novella featuring short stories connected by a Salish sea setting and an inter-generational cast of characters.

If you’re ready to sign up, head to the Rafflecopter giveaway widget at the bottom of this post. If you need more info about Campbell’s book, read on.

Molly Gloss blurb. "I have yearned for a story like this one - ordinary people finding slow, small ways to repair not the whole damaged world, but their own small corner of it. A story as alive and midfully woven as the Arboreal Cathedral itself. I couldn't love it more." - Molly Gloss, author of WILD LIFE and THE HEARTS OF HORSES.

About Rebecca Campbell’s Arboreality

“Campbell doesn’t shy away from the worst possibilities of apocalyptic ecological collapse … but offers a surprisingly hopeful and joyful vision of the future … This compassionate cli-fi mosaic is sure to please genre fans.”
— Publishers Weekly

“I have yearned for a story like this one — ordinary people finding slow, small ways to repair not the whole damaged world, but their own small corner of it … I couldn’t love it more.”
— Molly Gloss, author of Wild Life and The Hearts of Horses

“You’ll see the world differently after reading this slender book—I dare you to come away unchanged.”
— Amanda Leduc, author of The Centaur’s Wife

A professor in pandemic isolation rescues books from the flooded and collapsing McPherson Library. A man plants fireweed on the hillside of his depopulated Vancouver Island suburb. An aspiring luthier poaches the last ancient Sitka spruce to make a violin for a child prodigy. Campbell’s astonishing vision pulls the echoing effects of small acts and intimate moments through this multi-generational and interconnected story of how a West coast community survives the ravages of climate change.

About Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a Canadian writer of weird stories and climate change fiction. She won the Sunburst award for short fiction in 2020 for “The Fourth Trimester is the Strangest” and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award in 2021 for “An Important Failure.” NeWest Press published her first novel, The Paradise Engine, in 2013.

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Welcome Weird Fishes!

Today is the publication day for Rae Mariz’s underwater fantasy novella Weird Fishes. This is a heartfelt deepsea adventure featuring Ceph, a sentient cephalopod, and Iliokai, a lonely sealfolk mermaid who together seek to stop the ocean’s currents from slowing. We are also excited to share with the world a brilliant cover by Toronto artist Julia Louise Pereira.

Weird Fishes publication announcement  Alongside a 3D image of a paperback and ebook version of the book, the text reads "Rae Mariz's WEIRD FISHES. Now available from, your favorite online book retailer, and wherever books are sold."

Where Can I Buy Weird Fishes?

Weird Fishes is available wherever books are sold. We have paperback copies printed on recycled paper, and digital copies that are always on sale at You can also order Weird Fishes from your favorite indie bookshop. If online booksellers are your thing, the novella is available here:

Come to the Weird Fishes Book Launch

We’re having a book launch to celebrate this wonderful story. Author Rae Mariz will read from the novella and then be interviewed by award-winning writer and reviewer Maria Haskins. Tickets are free, or pick up a print or ebook at a discount. We hope to see you there!

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WEIRD FISHES Giveaway, August 10-14

Front cover of WEIRD FISHES by Rae Mariz featuring a blue sealfolk mermaid and a small cephalopod on a backdrop of flourescent tinged corals and garbage

The publication date for Rae Mariz’s mind-bending underwater fantasy novella Weird Fishes is coming up fast. Our print copies, printed on recycled paper, are on their way and we’ve got a few review copies to give away. Get in on our Rafflecopter giveaway by signing up for our newsletter, sharing the news about Weird Fishes, or any of the other sign up options through Rafflecopter. If you’re already excited about the book and want to skip down to the giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post. If you need more info about the book and its author, and the fantastic reviews it’s gotten already, read on!

What are Readers Saying about Weird Fishes?

Publishers Weekly gave Weird Fishes a starred review:

“Mariz combines dense, realistic science with lush, fantastic description … The relationships at the heart of this tale manage to be both completely human and utterly unbeholden to the above-water dynamics readers might take for granted. The resulting novella feels entirely fresh and inventive. Fans of Caitlin Starling and Maggie Tokuda-Hall will be especially wowed.”

Julia Rios, the creator of Mermaids Monthly magazine, loved the book:

“Weird Fishes is a vibrant, beautiful exploration of oceans teeming with lives and cultures unknown to humans. This book is a must for anyone who loves the sea!” 

Nina Munteanu, author of author of Water Is… and A Diary in the Age of Water was captivated by the novella’s environmental message:

“Weird Fishes is a lyrical and heartfelt adventure that celebrates how the ocean connects us all and reminds us that we need to take good care of Her.”

About the Book


When Ceph, a squid-like scientist, discovers proof of the ocean’s slowing currents, she makes the dangerous ascent from her deep-sea civilization to the uncharted surface above. Out of her depths and helpless in her symbiotic mech suit, Ceph relies on Iliokai, a seal-folk storyteller, who sings the state of the sea and has seen evidence of clogged currents as she surfs the time gyres throughout the lonely blue. Navigating the perils of their damaged ocean environment, and seemingly insurmountable cultural differences, Ceph and Iliokai realize that the activities of terrestrial beings are slowing the spiralling currents of time. On a journey that connects future and past, the surface and the deep, the unlikely friends struggle to solve a problem so big it needs a leviathan solution.

About the Author

Rae Mariz is a speculative fiction storyteller and cultural critic. Her writing inhabits the ecotone between science fiction and fantasy, and features characters finding family with others who live in the gaps between. She’s the author of The Unidentified and co-founder of Toxoplasma Press. Find her work at and on Twitter @raemariz.

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AFTER THE DRAGONS is a Le Guin Prize Finalist!

On July 28, Electric Literature announced the Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction shortlist. It’s an incredible, diverse list of socially far-reaching speculative fiction and we are thrilled and honoured to have Cynthia Zhang’s After the Dragons shortlisted.

Read the full list of finalists below.

Screenshot from Electric Literature's Announcement of the Shortlist for the Inaugural Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction

From Electric Literature, the complete list of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is (in alphabetical order):

  1. After the Dragons by Cynthia Zhang (Stelliform Press)
  2. Appleseed by Matt Bell (Custom House)
  3. Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky (Tordotcom Publishing)
  4. The Employees: A Workplace Novel of the 22nd Century by Olga Ravn, translated by Martin Aitken (New Directions)
  5. The House of Rust by Khadija Abdalla Bajaber (Graywolf Press)
  6. How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu (William Morrow)
  7. The Past is Red by Catherynne M. Valente (Tordotcom Publishing)
  8. A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger (Levine Querido)
  9. Summer in the City of Roses by Michelle Ruiz Keil (Soho Teen)

House of Drought is Out!

Happy Book Birthday to Dennis Mombauer and The House of Drought! This disorienting and atmospheric anti-colonial gothic novella is now available wherever books are sold.

THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT publication announcement. The background is a misty forested mountain landscape in black and white. On the left side of the image is a 3D image of the paperback book with an e-reader in the background displaying the cover of THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT. On the right side of the image the text reads: A Happy, Spooky Book Birthday to THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT. Dennis Mombauer's creepy climate horror is now available wherever books are sold. Order at www. or at the purchase links below. Stelliform Press earthstar logo.

We’re having a book launch party!

Join us to celebrate the release of The House of Drought on Saturday July 23, at 12pm ET. We’re having an online launch party on Zoom with four-time Bram Stoker Award winner Michael Arnzen interviewing Dennis Mombauer about the links between his climate work in Sri Lanka and his writing, his inspiration for the novella, writing a story set in Sri Lanka as a foreigner, and what the horror genre brings to climate writing. Grab a drink and join us for an author reading, audience Q&A, a prize giveaway, and more! Register for this event for free (or grab a discounted book) at Eventbrite.

Where is The House of Drought Available?

We always love book purchases from our store as these go the furthest in supporting authors and helping us to continue publishing great climate fiction. Because of the low overhead for digital books, purchasing an EPUB, MOBI, or PDF directly from us is an amazing way to support us — and our ebooks are always on sale!

If for whatever reason you’d rather purchase a book elsewhere, The House of Drought is also available from your local indie bookstore, and from the following online vendors:

Thank you for your support of a small press publishing books about big issues!

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