Sordidez at the LA Review of Books, A World Fantasy Nomination for The House of Drought, and an Arboreality Cover Art Win at the Aurora Awards!

We’ve had a busy month with the release of Sordidez and exciting news about a couple exciting awards.

E.G. Condé’s Sordidez at the LA Review of Books

Cover of SORDIDEZ, featuring art by Paulina Niño. The cover features a blend of watercolors in reds, magentas, oranges, teals, and blues, backgrounding a woman in a headscarf looking at the viewer with a melancholy gaze. She is surrounded by black vines and leaves. The title SORDIDEZ swoops over the woman's head in white cursive font. The author's byline is a slightly unstable or antique typewriter font also in white.

Taryne Jade Taylor has penned an extensive review of Condé’s novella, which situates the book within the history of a Latinx speculative fiction canon. The review also argues for the importance of dialogue between specific branches of Indigenous Futurism, such as the Taínofuturism which Condé is helping to found and the Mesofuturism with which it dialogues in the novella.

The review spent some time on the front page of the LA Review of Books website and how can be found here:

Taínofuturism, the Hope for a Better Future: On E. G. Condé’s “Sordidez” by Taryne Jade Taylor.

An Award Nomination for The House of Drought and a Win for Arboreality

The House of Drought cover featuring a ghostly hand holding a colonial mansion enwreathed in smoke amongst rice stalks.

Our 2022 novellas have already made a great showing on this year’s award ballots and now we get to add two more to the list. We’re thrilled to share that Dennis Mombauer’s The House of Drought has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

Find the full final ballot at

Cover of Rebecca Campbell's ARBOREALITY featuring a burning green leather book cover peeling back to reveal botanical drawings of a golden arbutus tree.

Rebecca Campbell’s Arboreality, which has already been nominated for a Philip K. Dick Award, an Ursula K. Le Guin Prize, and a Utopia Award, secured a win for Best Cover Art. The win goes to our fabulous cover artist Rachel Yu Lobbenberg. Find the full list of winners at the CSFFA website.

We are grateful to voters and judges for considering Stelliform’s work, and to the readers who make this whole endeavor possible.

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