Stelliform books are at the forefront of conversations about culture and climate change.

We’re a small press publishing out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We focus on genre (SFFH) and literary fiction and creative non-fiction which takes up the conversation around the climate emergency and an intersectional view of environmental justice. We invite you to join us in reshaping nature/culture relationships through the stories we tell ourselves and each other. Welcome. We’re so glad you’re here.

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  • THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT Book Launch announcement. The background is a dark forest with a lone figure walking amongst the trees. At the top left there is a picture of Dennis Mombauer and a picture of Michael Arnzen. The text below the pictures reads: Join author Dennis Mombauer and 4-time Bram Stoker Award winning author Michael Arnzen to talk horror, climate, and The House of Drought. Below that is a 3D image of the paperback book in front of an e-reader displaying THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT cover. On the right side of the image the text reads: THE HOUSE OF DROUGHT Book Launch. Grab a drink and join us at 12pm ET on Saturday July 23 to celebrate the launch of Dennis Mombauer's creepy climate change horror novella The House of Drought. Enjoy a reading, an author interview, an audience Q&A, and more! Register at EVentbrite:
  • Poster announcing Mary Robinette Kowal's Five Star review of After the Dragons
  • A graphic of Octavia Cade's THE IMPOSSIBLE RESURRECTION OF GRIEF on a floral background. The text reads: "“Cade is warning us through The Impossible Resurrection of Grief that we too will become ghosts if we continue to turn our Earth and seas into a graveyard. In this way, her speculative fiction begins to feel not so speculative.” — Shana Chandra for the Landfall Review Online."
  • Michael J. DeLuca Night Roll Locus Review poster
  • Sim Kern Depart Depart Publishers Weekly review poster
  • Announcement: Stelliform seeks Black authors working with nature and climate change themes.
  • Announcement: Stelliform welcomes submissions from Indigenous people worldwide, especially those living in Canada.

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