You Are My Sunshine and Other Stories by Octavia Cade


A transformative eco-horror to solarpunk short story collection from award-winning author Octavia Cade.

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About the Book

Sometimes change can hurt. This collection of short stories traces the growing pains of a new world, beginning with the death throes of our current way of life and ending with a world transformed by science and technology, and by grief, hope, love, and humanity’s will to transform. This is a collection that will both tear you apart and tend to your wounds. Cade’s stories are informed by science, tracing the biological and emotional threads that bind us, human and non-human alike. You Are My Sunshine and Other Stories is a promise of what worlds are possible if we allow ourselves to change.

About the Author

Octavia Cade is a New Zealand writer with a PhD in science communication. She attended Clarion West 2016, has won three Sir Julius Vogel awards for speculative fiction, including for The Impossible Resurrection of Grief from Stelliform Press. She is a Bram Stoker Award nominee and was the 2020 writer in residence at Massey University.

Additional information

Book Format


Page count



9781778092640 (trade), 9781778092657 (ebook)

Publication Date

September 2023


science fiction, climate fiction, eco-horror, solarpunk, short stories


climate change, marine biology, New Zealand

Cover Art and Design

Rachel Yu Lobbenberg


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