Another Life by Sarena Ulibarri

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An optimistic solarpunk novella from the co-editor of the Multispecies Cities anthology.

“The sparse but evocative worldbuilding of Ulibarri’s brilliant solarpunk debut underpins a guarded optimism about the human condition. … With an incisive exploration of postcapitalist, back to basics living and characters readers will root for, this perfectly balances big ideas and big emotions.” — ★ Publishers Weekly starred review

“It’s a fast and entertaining novella-length read with a touch of mystery and a big ethical conundrum. It explores what a sustainable future might look like, the consequences of scientific breakthroughs, the weight of leadership, and the fleeting nature of progress. It’s also a good introduction to solarpunk if you’re not familiar with the subgenre and are curious.” — Rebecca Roanhoarse, author of Black Sun and Tread of Angels

“Sarena Ulibarri’s sun-drenched story of reincarnation, resilience, and renewal truly shines, granting us a convincing solarpunk future full of hope that another life could one day be ours.” — Lauren C. Teffeau, author of Implanted

“With Another Life, Ulibarri has given us a gift: a gentle, humane, and hopeful vision of our future. I want to live in Otra Vida!” — Ian Tregillis, author of The Mechanical
“Painting a hopeful vision of a postcapitalist future, Ulibarri‘s debut solarpunk novella, Another Life, is a masterpiece of minimalist worldbuilding with incredible emotional impact.” — Justine Norton-Kertson, Solarpunk Magazine editor-in-chief

“Sarena Ulibarri writes with clarity about how community forms in opposition to climate change and capitalism. In this near-future novella, she tackles the complexity and long struggle of adaptation, not just physically but spirituality. Another Life depicts a hopeful future in all its messy humaniness, including generational trauma and ancestral reckoning. An important inclusion in the solarpunk genre, Ulibarri gives us a community that isn’t perfect but is healing from the past and striving toward resilience.” — Phoebe Wagner, author of When We Hold Each Other Up

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About the Book

Finding out who you were in a previous life sounds like fun until you’re forced to grapple with the darkness of the past. Galacia Aguirre is Mediator of Otra Vida, a quasi-utopian city on the shores of a human-made lake in Death Valley. She resolves conflicts within their sustainable money-free society, and keeps the outside world from meddling in their affairs. When a scientific method of uncovering past lives emerges, Galacia learns she’s the reincarnation of Thomas Ramsey, leader of the Planet B movement, who eschewed fixing climate change in favor of colonizing another planet. Learning her reincarnation result shakes the foundations of Galacia’s identity and her position as Mediator, threatening to undermine the good she’s done in this lifetime. Fearing a backlash, she keeps the results secret while dealing with her political rival for Mediator, and outsiders who blame Otra Vida for bombings that Galacia is sure they had nothing to do with. But under the unforgiving sun of Death Valley, secrets have a way of coming to light.

About the Author

Sarena Ulibarri edited two anthologies of optimistic climate fiction, Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers (2018) and Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Winters (2020), and co-edited Multispecies Cities: Solarpunk Urban Futures (2021). Her short fiction has appeared in magazines such as LightspeedGigaNotoSaurus, and DreamForge, as well as numerous anthologies.

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9781777682385 (trade), 9781777682392 (ebook)

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May 25 2023


science fiction, climate fiction, solarpunk, novella


climate change, alternate society, utopia, conflict resolution, reincarnation

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Wang Xulin

1 review for Another Life by Sarena Ulibarri

  1. Jan Priddy

    There is a great story underneath the details of desalinization and food towers, climate catastrophe and post-apocalyptic recovery and borrowed news. I like the main character and appreciate the underlying struggles she has with identity and change, hope and fear. Real people struggle and fail, struggle and find their way through the mess. I want more, of course, and hope to find this author again.

    Ulibarri manages to avoid demonizing her bad guys—and there are some. She manages to complicate goodness in a way that made me warm to her characters and to her story.

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