Stelliform 2020 Review Round-up

A stack of books on a mat of greenery.

Since we started the press in January, we’ve been working on populating the blog with reviews of our favourite science fiction, fantasy, and horror. These reviews focus on environmental content, or content that offers a different perspective on non-human life and our relation to it, or the social structures that contribute to human as well as ecological damage. The reviews helped to give readers and writers an idea of the kinds of stories we like, which was especially important when we didn’t have any books yet published. But the reviews are also a service to our community. We want the stories we love to find readers; and writing about them contributes to a critical mass of awareness about great SFFH stories.

In this post we’re recapping all the reviews we posted in 2020, organized by date (earliest to latest) and type of review.

Short Stories



Long Reviews: Selena Middleton and Kristen Shaw Discuss Books They Loved

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