“Cade’s strength shines in her beautiful descriptions … This thoughtful work is a reminder of humanity’s connection and responsibility to the natural world.”
— Publishers Weekly (link)

“Uncanny, unsettling, brilliant, etcetera; as well as the thylacines there are jellyfish, robots, rock wrens, rats, and a new kind of psychological devastation that flourishes and evolves as everything else collapses. Called simply “Grief”, it is contagious, and hard to spot, and it feels like a creature that’s already here.”
— Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff Book Report (link)

“The Impossible Resurrection of Grief is short enough to read in an afternoon but the ideas it explores will haunt you well after you’ve finished. An examination of the emotional resonance of extinction through well-wrought characters of depth and complexity, the book’s themes of connection and loss and the crushing burden of really caring are revealed by Cade’s signature lyrical prose in an all-too plausible near future. There are no easy answers to be found here, but Cade offers a glimpse toward a way through the grief of both everyday and extraordinary losses.”
— Nebula Award finalist M. Darusha Wehm, author of The Voyage of the White Cloud

“In this novella—equal parts a touching meditation on our relationships with the natural world and an exciting thriller—Cade plumbs the emotional depths of climate change and the planet’s declining biodiversity. The Impossible Resurrection of Grief is a warning and a testament that there’s no going back to easier times, and that those of us drowning in sorrow and guilt are as short-sighted as the oil companies. And underneath the gripping story is a tiny whisper of … could it be? Yes: hope.”
— Wendy N. Wagner, author of An Oath of Dogs