“This is a slim, beautiful jewel-box of a novel. It is vividly atmospheric and feels real as if tiny flocks of dragons might sit on telephone lines in modern-day Beijing. It explores falling in love in the wake of grief and the ways in which we try to exert control over our lives. Its quiet intimacy will break your heart and give you hope — and also dragons. Perfect, beautifully drawn dragons. It’s a lovely debut and I look forward to seeing what Cynthia Zhang does next.”
— Mary Robinette Kowal, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Calculating Stars

“Zhang’s portrayal of Beijing is rich with intimate details and subtle commentary on climate change, while the delightfully distinct dragons are seamlessly integrated. Despite being a slim novel, Zhang’s introspective fantasy has enormous heart and astonishing depth.”
— Krista Hutley for Booklist

“Those looking for a tender, mild escape … will appreciate the space Zhang leaves for introspection … Sweet, slow, and lightly speculative, this is sure to find an audience.”
— Publishers Weekly (link)

“Lovers of soft fantasy with low stakes should already have After the Dragons on their radar … This is a fantastic read for people who love climate fiction and fantasy but who need to just lose themselves in a gentle story now and then.”
— Book Riot (link)

“Too often, people set up a false dichotomy in their discussion of genre fiction: is it escapism, or realist gritty commentary? On first glance, After the Dragons might appear to be a low-stakes escapist novel, but Le Guin taught us that escapism itself is radical, and that the health of our communities and ecosystems is part and parcel of the political landscape. This novel, in its quiet, cozy way, has big implications. As we struggle to escape the COVID-19 pandemic and the trauma it has wrought, it has become increasingly clear that how our communities care for and empathize with its members is one of the most vital issues we must address as a society.”
— Leah Rachel von Essen for The Ancillary Review of Books (link)

“What I liked most about this novella was how quiet it was. This is a story about two young men figuring out who they are and what they want. There is no big dramatic action or explosive finale. Cynthia Zhang includes several scenes where they chat about life while watching dragons fly. But don’t let the softness make you think there’s no depth to the story. Zhang fills every conversation with layers of subtext and context. It’s also really well written, with strong worldbuilding and compelling character development … After the Dragons is a little bit science fiction, a little bit fantasy, and all lovely. Come for the dragons, stay for the queer romance.”
— Ignyte Award-winning book critic Alex Brown (link)

“AFTER THE DRAGONS is a beautiful novel full of heart and humanity. In a world where it seems impossible to face just how much is wrong (much like our own), AFTER THE DRAGONS is a beacon of small, tender hope: doing something is better than doing nothing, especially when that something is shared with others.”
— Ilana Masad, author of All My Mother’s Lovers

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