Announcement: Ren Hutchings is Stelliform’s new Editorial Assistant

Graphic with photo of Ren Hutchings. Text reads: Announcing Stelliform Press' New Editorial Assistant, Ren Hutchings.

Ren Hutchings started in September with Stelliform and has provided invaluable insight as we read manuscripts during our open submission period. Ren is eager to take on more responsibility and is stepping into the role of Editorial Assistant.

Ren is an SFF writer, writing mentor and freelance editor. She spent most of the past few years working in game dev while plotting twisty space books. She loves weird mysteries, pop science, elaborate book playlists, and pondering about alternate universes. As a first reader, Ren connected with Stelliform’s environmentally-focused message and the powerful stories their writers are bringing into the world, speaking on themes of hope, action, change and humanity through speculative fiction. Ren’s debut novel, Under Fortunate Stars, will be published by Solaris in May 2022.

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