A Tor.com Cover Reveal for E.G. Condé’s SORDIDEZ

Cover of SORDIDEZ, featuring art by Paulina Niño. The cover features a blend of watercolors in reds, magentas, oranges, teals, and blues, backgrounding a woman in a headscarf looking at the viewer with a melancholy gaze. She is surrounded by black vines and leaves. The title SORDIDEZ swoops over the woman's head in white cursive font. The author's byline is a slightly unstable or antique typewriter font also in white.

We are thrilled to share with you the cover of E.G. Condé’s forthcoming novella, Sordidez, through a cover reveal on Tor.com. Click through to Tor to read more about the book, or check out the back cover blurb below.

About Sordidez by E.G. Condé

Vero has always felt at odds with his community. As a trans man in near-future Puerto Rico, he struggles to gain acceptance for his identity and his vision of an inclusive society.

After a hurricane decimates the island and Puerto Rico is abandoned by the United States, Vero leaves his home to petition the centralized government for aid and seek the truth about new colonists arriving on the island. But in the Yucatan, Vero finds a landscape ravaged by an ecological disaster of humanity’s own making—the Hydrophage, a climate technology warped into a weapon of war and released onto the land by the dictator Caudillo.

Amidst the destruction, Vero finds both desperation and hope for regrowth as he documents the lives of the survivors. Details about the colonists’ intentions emerge when Vero meets the Loba Roja, an anti-Caudillo revolutionary who imagines the renewed power of the Maya. Intrigued by her vision of the future and her unapologetic violence, Vero is faced with life-changing questions: can an Indigenous resurgence protect his beloved island? And what must he sacrifice to support it?

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